Monica Kopf

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I wanted to thank you for your ME – Mindful Elimination Course!

I Love the support via your Facebook page etc.,

It was absolutely amazing the change…I eliminated sugar/alcohol and gluten the first week. Week two I eliminated dairy along with what I eliminated the first week… I started Mid Jun 2015 and I went from 138 to 117 lbs by the end of August, with no real effort on my part.

I stuck with the program pretty strictly (I did have honey once and gluten once but just got back on the “wagon”) for the first 30 days and then started the reintroduction and found to my surprise that my sugar cravings were gone. I found that grapes and cherries are better and more rewarding and enjoyable than chocolate (I know, really?!)! Donuts (was a weekly event for me) – yuck!! I feel awful when I “cheat” and it just reaffirms my desire to make this a life change as opposed to a “diet”.

My blood work was PHENOMENAL! My weight is right where it should be! I’ve not increased exercise but my weight and body tone is far better, and I sleep better and I have more energy!

Thank you soooo much!


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