Kristina Henson

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Janine has changed my life forever.

When I first began talking with her about nutrition I had no idea how much of a lifestyle change I was about to make. Janine is very knowledgeable in nutrition and fitness and has guided me through changing my lifestyle to becoming healthier.

She is very supportive and open and is willing to help anyone with their nutritional battles. She makes herself available for questions and support, which has been a key part to my personal success. She has gone above and beyond to help me with knowing what to eat while traveling, shopping for foods for me, and giving me new recipes to aide me in eating clean and becoming healthy.

Her coaching style is very hands on and she is deeply involved with each individual client. Her passion for nutrition and for helping people get healthy is what sets her apart from other programs I have tried in the past. Janine is constantly creating new ways to support her clients and to help her clients support each other!

She also has a private forum on Facebook for her clients. There Janine or anyone in the group can post recipes, motivational quotes, or share ideas with one another easily. Janine has been my rock in my fitness journey and my lifestyle change. She has continued to keep me motivated and made me feel like a part of her family. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone who has tried anything in the past and failed.

I’ve lost 25 lbs the healthy way, and countless inches. I haven’t gained any of it back and am still trucking on thanks to Janine!


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