Kristina Henson

By: Janine Category: Comments Off on Kristina Henson

You brought things to my attention that I needed to be aware of and gave me helpful tools that I am going to implement into my daily routine. I like how firm you are with me on “making” time for myself and not allowing me make up excuses not to do it.

You are honest and up front about the negative thoughts and feelings that I allow myself to materialize and accept. It was good to know that everyone struggles with these thoughts themselves, not just me. You’re open and welcoming, yet honest and upfront about issues that need to be dealt with. I can open up to you, knowing you come from a non- judgmental place when responding to me.

I think your life experiences and personal struggles add to your coaching in a unequivocal way. You can relate to people in different walks of life and you come from a place of caring and nurture and truly want to help people better their lives.


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