Frances Otero

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Most of my life I have been overweight. After running into an acquaintance of my sister’s and seeing that she had clearly made major lifestyle changes, she looked amazing! I talked to her in the grocery store one day and asked what she was doing, she gave me her time and explained the changes she made and recommended that I see Janine.
I pondered on the information she gave for a week while questioning myself on many aspects. Do I have it in me? Can I afford it? It sounds expensive. These were the big questions in my head, and after several days I picked up the phone and called to make an appointment with Janine. She emailed me the information I needed to start.

I actually met with her on Halloween of 2013, and now after a little over 3 months here is what I have accomplished: A total of 41 pounds lost, I started at size 22 pants and I just purchased my first size 16. I have more energy and feel better than I have since I was in my early twenties and as a teenager.

Janine’s program and coaching has changed my life for the better and I know that I still have a long ways to go, but wanted to share my initial success with you all. Anyone can do this, just have to want to.


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