Diana Croteau

By: Janine Category: Comments Off on Diana Croteau

Janine you rock and I could not have gotten this far without you. I FEEL GREAT. I am amazed at this and want to tell all of you how much better I feel physically and mentally. I wake up happy and greet the day with a smile, gratitude and virtually pain free. For those of you that are working closely with Janine continue to follow her suggestions and you will achieve your goals.

I have hit my goal of 50 lbs. in weight loss. I started out in a size 14 which I could barely fit into and I am proud to say I officially purchased a size 4. Thank you to my nutrition coach Janine for guiding me through this amazing journey. I no longer feel pain in my lower extremities and am completely 100% off of any over the counter pain relief medication, I was taking more than 8 tablets a day. I can proudly say my whole life has changed.


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