Amanda Valdez

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Janine, I wanted to tell you how appreciative we are for helping us anytime we need help. You always go above and beyond when people have questions and you make sure everyone is taken care of and on the right track! When I started the program I was under the impression that I would be eating only chicken and vegetables for the rest of my life. I have learned so much since then! I wanted to learn about the lifestyle to provide healthier meals for my family.

I have learned so much being coached by Janine. She taught me how to incorporate whole foods at every meal and that it doesn’t have to be just chicken and vegetables (even though we like those too). The grocery shopping trip with Janine was my favorite! I learned soooo much about how to read labels and that most things that they try to advertise as healthy, are just as bad as the rest. Reading labels has benefited me a lot because now I can branch out and make new recipes because I know what I am putting into them.

My husband and I both feel better when we eat healthier, and I feel better about what I am feeding my daughter. Janine taught me if I can get her used to eating healthy now, she is going to thrive the rest of her life!

Thank you Janine for showing me that this lifestyle has a huge variety of foods! You can still have steak, and potatoes, and all that good stuff and it isn’t a boring ‘diet’.


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