It is my mission + passion (and honor), to help you build a lifestyle that is in total alignment with what YOU truly desire.

So how do you know if it’s time to seek my coaching? If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions please feel free to reach out to me and discuss how partnering together can completely transform your life – – forever.

  • Have you tried everything and you still can’t lose weight, or maybe you just didn’t get the results you wanted?
  • Do you suffer from bloating + pain + discomfort after you eat?  Maybe you are experiencing “brain fog” — feeling muddled in thought. Or maybe it’s the headaches + fatigue that kick your butt mid afternoon.
  • Are you trying to prevent or combat health issues? You may currently have been diagnosed or have a family history of Hypertension, Diabetes, or other lifestyle diseases, and you are ready to gain control + take action. NOW!
  • Are you ready to create a life you LOVE + know you deserve?
  • And most importantly, are you willing to cut the crap out of your life to get you there?


When working directly with me you get real + honest answers to your questions. 

You will uncover which foods and other substances are triggering chronic inflammation and related health issues.  

You will become a more energized + more organized person.

You will become accountable for your decisions and actions, free from guilt or judgement. 

Janine's coaching style is very hands on and she is deeply involved with each individual client. Her passion for nutrition and for helping people get healthy is what sets her apart from other programs. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone who has tried anything in the past and failed.

Kristina Henson

Thank you Janine for guiding me through this amazing journey. I no longer feel pain in my lower extremities and am completely 100% off of any over the counter pain relief medication, I was taking more than 8 tablets a day. I can proudly say my whole life has changed.

Diana Croteau

In four months of coaching with Janine, I have gone down 4 jean sizes have lost a total of 40 lbs! I started this program with multiple health issues and on medication for Diabetes and suffered from PCOS. Since then I have been off all medication, and now I have a clean bill of health.

Chelsey Judge

Lifestyle change is freakin’ hard! But I can help you feel great again.

Because I know from experience, changing your diet has that power!


What’s In It For YOU?

LifeStyle 12 Week Coaching Program – Phase One

  • Assessment (2 hours):  We meet (at your home or by video call) at a time that is convenient. I will interview you, asking all kinds of questions about your current lifestyle.
  • The Alcat Test:  A small sample of your blood is sent to the laboratory overnight that will measure cellular reactions to over 450 individual foods, additives, colorings, molds, functional foods, medicinal herbs and chemical substances (such as environmental, chemical, pharmaceutical substances). The results will help determine which foods and other substances may trigger unwanted inflammation or manifest a wide variety of symptoms listed above.
  • Plan (2 hours):  With a snapshot of your current lifestyle, and the results from the Alcat test, I will devise a program that will work best for you with a personalized nutrition plan based on your immune response with food choices that are better for your health and well-being. We will meet again in person at your home, or by video conference, where I will discuss in detail the program. Together, we will give your pantry a makeover. You will be set up with a customized weekly meal plan, that is packed with delicious, home-style recipes that your whole family will love. I will teach you how to navigate your customized meal plan, adding in even more foods you love. You will be required to pledge to, and immediately implement the plan.
  • Implementation (12/60 minute sessions + 12/90 minute outings):  With the foundation built, a plan + practical tools in place and motivation levels high, we are ready to roll!  Once a week, I will meet with you at your home (or on a video call), and together we will go over your meal plan. I will show you tricks on how to take your shopping list with you wherever you go + show you how simple it is to share shopping lists with everyone in your household! And then, the really FUN part….we go shopping! Yes, it can and does happen with my out of town clients too, it’s called technology! During each of these outings, you will be taught how to read labels and navigate the grocery store aisles with ease.
  • In The Kitchen. (3/2 hour sessions for local clients only – in your kitchen): My favorite place to be! We put all the tools together + bring them to life through delicious + healthy food, that you are guaranteed to LOVE!
  • Dining Out (3/2 hour sessions for local clients only. We pay like they do in Rome – – better known as go Dutch): Yes, this lifestyle is not successful if you do not know how to make healthy choices while eating out, so it is imperative that we do it + enjoy it! Once a month you will choose one of your favorite spots, where we will meet. You are welcome to bring your family, friends or significant other + I will bring my husband, and together we will all enjoy a night out, where you will be guided how to choose healthier options, anytime – anywhere!
  • We stay connected: You get guidance + support between our weekly meetings and outings. Because change does not come easily, and if you are like me you will have a thousand questions, so I want you to have access to me whenever you need it. You can quickly ask me anything using a simple + free app on your smartphone (yes – – I will help you download that) and receive a über fast response back. But that’s not all, you even get quick Skype sessions or phone sessions to check in when needed throughout the week.
  • Weekly motivation + tips + tricks +, even more, recipes sent directly to your inbox.
  • Daily texts that help keep you on your goal path.

LifeStyle Coaching – Phase Two

  • Alignment (2/60 minute sessions per month):  After working with me 1:1 for twelve weeks during phase one, you will have the confidence + the know-how of the in’s and out’s of maintaining this lifestyle, but you may still desire support + accountability to keep your momentum alive + aligned. This is where phase two comes in. Twice monthly Skype sessions to give you just that. 
  • In The Kitchen Sessions: If you desire more 1:1 cooking strategies + demonstrations, this is available for an additional fee.
  • Weekly motivation + tips + tricks +, even more, recipes sent directly to your inbox.
  • Daily texts that help keep you on your goal path.

How Much..?

I know.  You want to know how much this will cost you, right?

Phase One Investment –  This is a 12 week commitment + there are many ways to modify phase one, especially if you are not local, so please schedule a Clarification Conversation below, so that we can set up a video conference (or phone) call to discuss the many options that are available + best for you.

Phase Two Investment – Starts at $250 per month.

My program is hands on + in-depth. *Travel Fee: There is a travel fee of $2.25 per mile to areas outside the 15-mile perimeter of my location.

We get close + we get personal – – I’m in your life. I’m in your home.

My program is for the motivated + committed.

So first, let’s make sure we are a great match for each other! I would like to invite you to hop on Zoom, (or phone) with me for a FREE 30-minute Clarification Conversation, where we discuss – – yes, clarifications + expectations +  any other questions you may have + we will discuss – – what you wish to gain from this journey. If you would prefer to meet me in person, we can set up a meet & greet at a location that works best for both of us.

*** I only work with a handful of private clients (no more than 3) at one time, and by application only. Fill out the form below to apply for a Clarification Conversation to determine if I can help you with your health goals. IMPORTANT: Select your timezone first!

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