I worked out – – some. I ate – – whatever I wanted. I drank – – way more than I should have. And I didn’t feel confident with my body image.

I hadn’t been featured on websites like Oxygen Magazine Australia, nor was I blogging about health tips + doing podcasts.

And I sure as hell wasn’t the owner of a successful gym + coaching business, or the leader of an online Community For Health and Wellness, with raving fans. Had someone read me my future, I would have laughed in their face!

This is the story of my journey, going all the way back to 2005…

I was a mess and days away from my gallbladder being taken from the pain and discomfort I had after eating.

I was bloated – all the time.

I was tired – all the time.

I had decreased sex drive from the Prozac, I was on hormone replacement therapy for my “happy-fix”.

My son was obese and pre-diabetic, on the verge on insulin. My daughter was suffering from stomach pains, migraines and undergoing CT scans and MRIs trying to find the root cause. And my husband was on medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol (plus more medication for the side effects of the medication).

Had you told me that food was the root cause of my family’s lifestyle illnesses before, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Our awakening was gradual and it all started with me.

Once my eating habits changed and began to have an obvious, almost miraculous effect… my kids came on board and it was an “angels singing” moment when my husband came asking for help.

The result?

It’s all gone! My gallbladder pain –gone. Hormone replacement –gone. Pain + discomfort –gone. Family ailments -gone.

But let me tell you… those voices in my head – – – NEVER STOPPED! I heard:  

Oh, you look fine.

You are too busy, you don’t have the time to prep all this food.

It’s too expensive.

Your family won’t like the changes.

You are going to miss out on life with all the food you love.

I’ll start tomorrow.

And I most certainly didn’t have anyone reaching out, offering to help me get my shit together.

But I did it anyway. Alone.

It would have been really easy to give up and quit, but I didn’t.

And you know what?

There’s never a right time to start.

You just have to decide to get started.

And that’s why I am on fire to help you succeed. I’ve been there on the other side – sick and in pain – and know first hand, that it is possible to flip things around. I’ve been in the fitness industry for decades; I’ve researched + studied my ass off, becoming a certified Nutrition Coach and Co-Active Life Coach.

I’ve been overwhelmed and thrilled by the joy + transformations, and phenomenal health improvements that I’ve had the privilege to coach and witness.

I am committed – – to honoring and enhancing your health, your well-being, and your journey.

So I’ve created an intensive 1:1 LifeStyle 12 Week Coaching Program + Online Courses that help you – – find YOU + the health you want for yourself and your family, with built-in access to me, to support you along the way.

Maybe you’re just starting to explore what’s possible for you. How food can really benefit you and your health goals.

Perhaps you feel like you’re constantly reading information + subscribing to all those health newsletters, but nothing is clicking.

Or maybe you’re just going through life’s daily motions, hoping that you’ll wake up tomorrow and this will all be a dream.

Wherever you’re at, I’m here for you.

The door is open when you are ready to take that first step of getting to know me better. And when you are, I have the perfect course ready for you. Where you will learn practical + effective tools  – setting the stage for the success you’ve dreamed about.

Here’s to your health!



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